Sunday, 17 February 2013

Just a Stubborn Mother Hen

Hey again! I'm back, and this week has been sad, but there's a few perks. First off, one of the chicks started to hatch. My friend said it was taking too long, and the chick was getting too weak, so we had to take off the shell. So we did, but not long after the chick died. :'( Then a day or two later, the second chick started to hatch. This one hatched out on its own, which lived the hatch and dried out and fluffed up. Oh, and i named the first chick Chiclet, and the second one Ebonyfeather. Anyways, when we got home, unfortunately the little grayish black with yellow patched chick had gotten itself stuck behind the box Bravewing had been sitting on, and got too cold and died too. :'( Poor little babies. Oh well. Atleast it's only 13 days until we get the little Gold Laced Cochin chick, which we will keep inside in a cage with food and water, and of course a heat lamp. :) Yesterday we went to the farm to drop off the form and money for the little peep, so now on March 2nd all we have to do is go there and pick up the little guy. Also, we believe Sky had a stroke yesterday so we put her in our seperate pen for the broody hens or sick chickens. She seems to be getting better. Bravewing has been moved back to the big pen with the other hens as we are trying to wake her up from being broody, which she certaintly doesn't want to do! Every chance she gets she'll sit in the nesting boxes, eggs or no eggs. Silly bird! I feel bad for her though. She doesn't know where her babies went, so she's confused! Poor girl. She'll snap out of it soon, though. I guess thats it for this week, then! I'll try to get a picture on here soon. Anyways, Bye!

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