Thursday, 22 August 2013

It's The Little Things...

                           It's the little things...
Cold feet on warm pavement, just as the sun goes down.
Gentle waves lapping the shore on a bright starry night.
A campfire crackling through the woods...
   Everything one needs to have peace with the Earth.

Well! I've been gone for quite a while! So much has happened! Well, I've got good news and bad news. Which one should I start with? How about bad. Well, Bravewing's eggs did not hatch. :( She sat on them for too long and had a stroke. Then she walked around lopsided for a few weeks, and finally died. So sad. We will remember her as the one who started it all. The one who really did live up to what her name entitles. But, with bad there always comes good. We moved Embroidery, Sweetie and Clover into the big pen (I don't know if I mentioned that Sweetie was put in with Embroidery and Clover, so if not, she was.), and Blu and Stumblefoot were put in the small pen. Then, a few days ago, we got Swallow and Quail. They are two Barred Plymouth Rock chicks. They are absolutely adorable, and they just love to sit on the little roost we put in there. It's only a few inches off the ground, (For their safety,) but they don't care. And today, we went out and got a white Silkie hen and a Black Copper Maran. Their names are Fay (the Black Copper Maran), and Buffy (the Silkie). But Fay has something a little special about her. When she was hatched, two of her toes were webbed together. They never cut them apart, so now Fay is three months old and is handicapped. She is really sweet, though. She can walk just fine, but because of her toes she can't roost. We'll have to work that one out. Her toes are kind of crossed over, like she's crossing her toes instead of fingers. Her nickname has become, "The Lucky Bird". And Buffy is such a cutie. Her little afro covers her face so you can never tell what her expression is. I do know that she fell asleep in my arms, though. Haha, so cute. Fay thinks of herself as still a chick though, she she peeps loudly and tries to nuzzle into Buffy's fuzzy white down. So, today we moved Stumblefoot out of that room and back into the big pen with the other chickens. Then we put Fay and Buffy in with Blu, who took a quick liking to them and did a little dance. So, I guess that's it then. Apple and Bunny are doing fine... The other chickens are the same as ever... Embroidery is getting so big though!! I can't believe it! Anyways, I gotta go, so I'll try to post pictures of the new birds tomorrow. Bye for now!!  Oh, and my username for backyard chickens is BravewingTheHen.



  1. Why did you moved mister Destroy-everyone-who-tries-to-hold-your-ladies :)?

  2. Haha.... I think that is self-explanatory.