Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chicks and Ravens and Goats, Oh My!

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in so long!
So, I'm not sure I mentioned Buffy's death- caused by Wry Neck, but anyhow, we decided to get some chicks. We got two; 
First, we have Sunshine the Buff Silkie,
Then, we have Ginger the BB Red Bantam hen.
Right now they are living with Sweetie in a small enclosure. 
Speaking of enclosures, I haven't spoken of the Ravens yet. 
The Ravens are horrible creatures. Well, the ones that live around here, at least. Next door, our neighbour has chickens. The Ravens came and killed a couple. There's two ravens, and they seem to know how to work together. That's how they get the chickens. They heard them into the corners, then pick them off. It's horrifying - gruesome. A few weeks ago, one of the Ravens dared come after our chickens. Well, I sure put him on the run, but if I hadn't been there, there's no way he wouldn't have killed one of them. He was already hopping towards Henrietta when I saw him. 
So, to end this problem, we covered our entire chicken coop with fencing. It's usually used for berries and crops, but it's specifically for keeping ravens out, so I think it will do. 
And it seems to have. I have once seen one of the Ravens fly up into a tree above our coop, look at the chickens below the fencing, then fly away noisily. I was pretty happy. The chickens love it, too. Because of which they can be in the big pen, now. Before, they had to live in the smaller pen of Blu's, because there was nothing covering our big pen. So now they're free, and the run is green again. One of the best parts includes that we used an old swing set to hold the fencing up, and now there are bars for the chickens to sit on - and swings for me to sit on. It's quite wonderful anyway. 
So, that's about all that happened. Oh, did I mention the goats? They are gone now. We decided to give them back because they were too much work, and because they would be healthier if they got bred. So now the chickens can free range through their back pen, and in the barn. 
So, now I'm pretty much sure I've mentioned everything. Enjoy!


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