Friday, 1 August 2014

Tiny Chickens and Tiny Eggs

Hello! Haven't been on much, have I? Well, not much has happened since I was on last. For example:
Sunshine and Ginger are now at a normal, starter layer hen age. Even though, they are still very small of course. 

Ginger here enjoys perching on my hand. She has very good balance, you know.
And she sure is gorgeous. 
Blu is very jealous that Sweetie gets to be in the pen with her, but Sweetie wouldn't know that. He is half blind, of course.
Sunshine is very nice and fluffy, practically round if I say so myself. 
All the other chickens are fine. Other than Noah... Our poor Noah unfortunately died. She was a sweet hen. Very special. 
She got some disease, we're not really sure what. Perhaps Mareks. Suddenly she just stopped walking, and started to get very ill. She was fine for awhile, not suffering. But then she just passed away... 
Oh well. We won't forget you, Noah.
On the brighter side of things, all our other hens are happy. They are very hot, of course, with all this heat. 
Best of all, we discovered this in Sunshine, Sweetie and Ginger's pen. 

Two tiny eggs.
From a tiny chicken.


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