Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Hen-oween!

Hello, all!
I'm afraid to say that our beloved Bobbie has passed away, but she will forever remain in our hearts. Such a sweet old hen she was.
On another sad note, I have bad news about our special, courageous rooster Sweetie, who has also passed. Sweetie was a truly special rooster, and it's going to be a sad, empty place without him. He lived for quite awhile, after going fully blind, but in the end something neurological went wrong and he died peacefully in his sleep that night. 
However, the coop lives on. Sunshine and Ginger have moved in with the big hens, and are fitting in well. We are currently working on wintering up the coop to get ready for the colder days.
We also have a new edition to the barn--
Conturnix Quail. We got 3, one male and two females. The male is Button, and the two females are named Banbury and Alice.
They are a bit more tricky to winter, as we are still working on their coop, but it's coming along. Plus, it's rather rewarding to be able to carry 2-3 gorgeously brown splotched eggs back into the house each day.
Oh, and though it's a bit late, Happy Halloween! This year was quite good, and we just took down the decorations this morning. We'll be putting up Christmas lights soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures!
Some pumpkins we carved for Halloween.

A rather handsome-looking chicken statue we received from a friend.
A curious duo watching me take pictures intently. Ginger hasn't been enjoying the colder weather and tends to fluff up he feathers and stay still more often.
Embroidery enjoying a dustbath.
Stumblefoot keeps a close eye on me by the fence, while Blu picks about and tries to gain Stumblefoot's attention.
Button the quail in his cage,
And last but not least, Banbury and Alice in their cage. The picture doesn't have very good qaulity because the two wouldn't stay still. Alice is the white one in the back and Banbury brown one in the front.


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