Saturday, 9 March 2013

Just a Peep in a Box

Hi again! Sorry I never posted last week, I never got a chance. Well, we got the chick and she has officially been at the house for a week now. She is eleven days old (we got her when she was four days old), and had her first growth spurt a few days ago. Her wings have almost grown in all their feathers, and her leg feathers have just started to grow, along with her tail feathers. She's beautiful. And her trainings coming along well, too. I have already trained her to jump on my leg and arm when I pat them, and how to walk across a stick without falling off (which can be used for future references, when she roosts). I am also teaching her to peck only a green dot out a red dot, a blue dot, and of course, the green dot. She also comes when she is called by her name (Embroidery), runs by my legs when I walk (I've got to be careful not to step on her!), jumps on and pecks whatever I tap, peeps constantly whenever I play with her, as if she is speaking to me, and whenever I leave the room, she peeps very loudly and constantly. When we first got her, she had a habit of falling asleep standing up, so her head would flop to the ground. But whenever she actually DID fall asleep laying down, she would sleep flat out like a pancake, wings splayed off to each side, head on its side. She looked like she was dead! But one little noise, and she would wake up and you'd know she was fine. She's grown out of that habit now, though. Anyways, you may have noticed the title of the post sounded strange, but that's because when we got Embroidery, well, she was simply just a peep in a box. Now she's a peep in cage in my room, with a nice big window to let in all the sunshine and a great view of where she will one day free-range along with all the other big hens and The Rooster. Once again, sorry I didn't post a picture, I keep on losing my camera! I'll try for next week.
 Well, I guess that's it for now, bye!

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