Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

            Hey guys! I'm back. Well, so far today everybody is good, chickens happily eating outside (with a bit of supervision, in case that raccoon comes back), goats eating hay and yelling because they want to go outside but it's raining... ha ha ha. They're funny. the chick is good too, she has grown much and her feathers are coming in nicely. below I will enclose two pictures of her. I guess that's really it for now... if anything exciting happens, I'll add it to today's post. The reason I'm on so early is because later I'm having guests over. So if something exciting happens and I DON'T post it, I'll post it tomorrow. Anyway, here's the pics I was talking about!

 Here's a picture of Embroidery... she seemed very curious about my camera, which is why her head is so close to it.

There she is looking over the edge of the table her cage sits on, clearly now more interested in something on the floor than the flashing camera.

Guess that's it! Bye!


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