Saturday, 16 March 2013

Murder in the Hen House

Hey guys! I'm back. Well, it's very unfortunate but a few days ago tragedy struck the hen house. While I was away, a raccoon must've climbed over the fence and into the run. Since our rooster has one blind eye, he must have not noticed the raccoon, on which he was the one the raccoon chose to attack. Unfortunately, the rooster must've lost the fight because we came home to a missing rooster and nervous hens and goats. But, by the look of the run, that roster put up quite a fight. There were feathers everywhere! But you could see where the rooster had just given up, because there were feathers up the fence and through goat pen, then up the next fence and into my neighbour's yard, where the raccoon had dragged him away. Anyway, I got a new laptop today so I went out to take these pics of the animals. Fortunately, this means I'll be posting more.
 Here, you can see the hen in the front is Noah. The little head popping out behind her is Stumblefoot, and the head popping out of the door is Bobbie.

Here the one closest to to the camera is Cottonball, the one next to her is Aurora, and the other one is Borialis.

As you can see, Bravewing here likes to do a pose for the camera.

 Evan tries out a pose of his own for me here.

  Here, Bunny glances up at me while chewing some hay.

 And finally, Apple too (after many tries) looks up at my camera.

Guess thats all for now! Bye!



  1. Oh how awful for you to come home and find him gone. Usually the rooster will sacrifice himself for the flock. Looks like your brave guy did just that.

  2. Yes. I miss him much and it's very unfortunate for his untimely death. However he did do exactly as you say, protecting his ladies from the big bad raccoon. :)