Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rainy Day, Happy Hens.

Hey guys! Once again here. Well, yesterday it was very stormy here. Usually on rainy days the hens are out there scratching away. Well, not yesterday. Yesterday they actually stayed in. It was pretty bad though, huge winds and pelting rain. Even I didn't want to be out there, and I like a good rain. Anyways, the chickens didn't look very happy about it all. They were being very loud and didn't know what to do. So I decided to try to make them think of stormy days as an Indoor-Fun day. First off, I cut up some apples really small. Then I broke up some broccoli. I grabbed a piece of lettuce and put the apple and broccoli in, then I wrapped it up into a ball. From there, I tied a string around it and set it down. I put on my rain coat, Then went out with the treat-ball. We put the chickens in early because they never came out, but when we put them in it hadn't started raining so they weren't wet. But if they had been wet, I would have brought out a towel to dry them off. Anyways, I tied the treat-ball to the roost and let them eat it. I also brought in some fresh grass for them and the goats. Goats don't like rain. They were locked in too, but they didn't seem to mind. I let the chickens eat out of my hand and walk around the barn, and they liked that. They had fun scratching through the hay on the floor and finding scraps of food. We might also not be getting that rooster. We are either getting him or this little rooster in the pic below. I'll try to find out which one we're getting by tomorrow! By the way, the guy in the pic below is a bantam. I wonder which size of a rooster will fit?


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