Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Looking back at the Star Hen's Beginning...

I usually don't post more than once a day. But I couldn't help it when I was looking through my pictures and found a picture of Bravewing as a chick, with her sisters. You may not know, but Bravewing is my main hen. To me, she's at the top of the pecking order. But to the other hens.. she's at the bottom. She's constantly being picked on because she was broody for so long, but I when I see her up there... on the roost where Angel used to crow... I see a brave head hen, ready to fight for her rank if challenged. Last year, when Bravewing was only a pullet, I entered her in the annual Fall Fair we have here. Her competition was two Auracaunas that were full grown and very nice looking. When I saw those two, I knew Bavewing had good competition. But I believed she could win. And believe it or not, she did. The other two hens won second place. And there was Bravewing. Proudly strutting around her cage, a Blue Ribbon tied to the front bars. I thought she looked like a head hen for sure then. Strutting around her cage... Head and tail held high, observing her surroundings (and occasionally pecking at the blue ribbon) A formal look on her face. I knew she was happy. Anyways, below I have a few pictures of Bravewing!

 Here is Bravewing at 1 day old. She's so cute! I always knew she was destined to be great at something.

 Here's little Bravewing at a week or two; you can see she's already grown feathers.
 There she is again at a week or two, now standing on my leg.

And here she finally is as a beautiful full grown hen, the hen I always knew she would be.

After looking at the pictures I took of Bravewing as a chick, I realize I've got to take pictures of Embroidery. Because believe me, when she's older, it'll be funny to look back at when she just started to get feathers on her feet.


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