Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Renting a Rooster?

Hello! Not much to say for today... Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, that since our rooster died and there's no one to protect the hens, our friend is lending us his rooster. That's right, LENDING him to us! The reason we're only borrowing him is because we're not sure if Embroidery is male or female, so we're waiting to find out. If she's a girl, we will keep the other rooster. But if it's a boy, we will give our friend his rooster back and keep Embroidery. It's going to be different having this rooster around though, because he's a Jersey Giant! Have you SEEN how big they are? I'll post a pic of one below. Anyways, guess thats all for now! Bye!

Huge, huh? This is not my picture by the way, I found it online.


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