Sunday, 24 March 2013

They Seem To Think I'm Him...

Hey! Well, right now the main thing on my mind is the new rooster. We made our choice. We got the little bantam rooster, who is coming with a little Old English Game Bantam hen, which, believe it or not, was the breed my favourite chicken, Cream, used to be. I was so sad when she died. So when I
heard she was that breed, I got excited and said yes. So tomorrow I will go pick them up. Anyhow, back in the chicken coop, the girls seem to think I'm their rooster! They seem to enjoy running around my feet, which they used to be dead terrified of when the rooster was there. I decided to just play along with it though, and now whenever I go in the run with some grass, I sit on the low roost and let Bravewing jump up next to me and on my lap. The rest of the girls seem to nervous to do that, so I drop some of the grass on the ground for them. Then I crow. It's hilarious when I do that, they all stare at me for a second like they did with the rooster then keep eating. I'm also not sure what happened to Noah. I think she broke her toe, because it's swollen and a bit green. She is limping and often stands still with that foot tucked in. It would be helpful if any of you could post a cure or treatment for it in the comments below. Today we also made the goats a ramp to play on. They love that, but Apple doesn't go on it. Only Bunny. And believe me, if Apple tried to get on, a certain little goat would already be up there ready to head-but her off.

                                             Embroidery in her room.


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